Die- & Wire bonding (Chip on board)

Die & Wire bonding (Chip on Board)

If an application needs to be very small, flat or specific, Chip On Board can be a solution for you. Think of applications such as high-frequency, sensors, probes and chip-cards. Elect has the facilities and know-how for the placement and wire bonding of bare chips on different substrates such as ceramics, aluminum or PCB (FR4). Please inquire about our possibilities.


    Die- en Wire bonding (Chip On Board) 2Die- en Wire bonding (Chip On Board) 3

  • Aluminum: 17.5μm – 60μm (0.7mil – 2.4mil)
  • Gold: 15.0μm – 75μm (0.5mil – 2.9mil)
  • Fine pitch: < 40μm
  • Stitch-bonding
  • Loop-length: 70μm up to 20mm
  • Variable loop form functions
  • Constant wire length
  • Constant loop height
  • Individual loop shapes

A few examples: