Kwaliteit 1Our quality policy is aimed towards a high level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. In addition to a continuous high quality level of our supplies, aspects as communication-cooperation-development support, flexibility speed, cost control and after-care get all our attention.



iso13485engliso-9001engOur quality system provides a customer-oriented way of working with an excellent process control. Quality awareness, a keen eye for detail and a high level of care are ingrained in our corporate culture.

Elect is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. Our employees are trained on the application of the standards ANSI/IPC-A-610 “Acceptance of Electronic Assemblies” and ANSI/IPC-A-600 “Acceptance of Printed Circuit Boards”and ANSI/IPC 7711/7721  “Rework, Repair & Modification”. This means, that our employees are compliant to the quality demands of soldering, assembly, modifications and repairs. Elect is also a authorized training company for various industrial electronics students.

Through our structured and careful method, there is a high degree of process control. This results in one continuous high quality and reliable agreements. Even on prototypes and 0 series that are under time pressure, we guarantee an excellent quality level. You wouldn’t want to waste time on soldering or PCB assembly errors.

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